The Official Kert Prater Dictionary

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013

It has been said that when you first meet Kert Prater, you need a dictionary to understand his language. It has also been mentioned that if you don’t get what he’s saying, ask Kerry and she’ll  translate his jargon. But let’s face it. After being together for about a decade, Kerry has adopted many of Kert’s words and phrases. Some of Kert’s words are his own creation; however, most of his words are just old school and the “new” school kids don’t understand. 🙂 To give you a head start on understanding this man’s language, here are a few words/phrases and their definitions in Prater world: Bootie-Load — An abundance of something. EX: “That was a bootie-load of rain!” Flow — The Praters are all about going with the flow, and this is one word that is used regularly on the worship team at their church. It means “Let’s go through this.” Gander — This means, “Hey! Take a happy look over this.” Good Gravy — In a negative situation, “Seriously? Did that just happen?” In a positive situation, “Wow!”; “Unbelievable!”; “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” KP —Many people mistakenly think Kert is referring to himself in third person; however, he is actually referring to his wife Kerry when he says KP. Oh My Lanta — “Wow!”; “Unbelievable!”; “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Peace Out — Farewell; Often shortened to simply “Peace,” but this word is typically the closing to his conversations, letters, emails, texts. It’s especially entertaining when he closes a phone call with “Peace” because most people don’t know whether to say “Bye” or just hang up. There’s almost always an awkward pause. Kert has also proudly taught his two-year-old daughter how to say “Peace Out”, and she does it with great gusto. Peeps — This is the most commonly used word in Kert Prater language. It means “my dearly beloved, awesome people.” Phenom — shortened way of saying “phenomenal.” This is currently Kert’s new favorite word. It secretly (or not so secretly) drives Kerry crazy. Songage — With any important word, Kert tends to add “-age” to the end. Examples include songage, wordage, funnage. The word songage means “the song set; the entire compilation of songs for a worship service.” As best we can tell, anything with the suffix “-age” means the total or complete package of something. Tearie-Outtie — This means “perforated.” 10-4 — “Okay.” Throw It Down — Usually used in the context of praying;...

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We are Fully Funded! Yeah! (with video)

Posted by on Aug 17, 2013

We warned you in our last blog post that the video may not be fantastically epic, but be fantastically Prater. It is definitely “Prater.” With Kerry having a prego belly, it’s hard for her to be epic these days. 🙂 Nonetheless, we want to let you know how grateful and excited we are for your investment in us and supporting us in what the Lord is doing! Thank you! Hope you enjoy our goofy, random...

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Here we goooo!

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013

Look at what God has done! Nothing is impossible with Him! We had to share this good news with you now! But be on the look out for a fantastically epic video to say “thanks.” Okay, so it may not be “fantastically epic” but you can guarantee it will be fantastically Prater! Also, if the Lord has given you an excitement about supporting our ministry, you can still give. You haven’t missed the opportunity! The remaining funds will certainly bless this project as well as our future projects! Now we can set our minds on the next step…stepping into the studio and working with some awesome musicians to record our music in order share it with you! TO GOD BE THE...

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Garage Sales Are Awesome

Posted by on Aug 11, 2013

Here’s how it went down: A friend, who is also a school teacher, approached us one Sunday after church and said, “I have one month left before I go back to school. What can we do?” Then he and his wife unfolded multiple ideas of how they could help us raise more money for the album. Kert and I were blown away! We couldn’t believe they were willing and so excited about helping us! Praise the Lord! Kert replied by telling them, “Kerry and I will go home and talk about it and let you know.” So we went home and decided that, if Scott and Emily had the time, a garage sale sounded best to us. We even had a bunch of stuff to contribute. We shared our thoughts with them, and wow, they took it and ran with it! Facebook started blowing up as they began seeking donations for the garage sale! Then this weekend it happened. We popped over to their house Friday morning to drop off some cinnamon rolls and tell them thanks. When we arrived, look at what we discovered: This young man, hard at work! As the sale came to a close Friday, Scott & Emily received even more donations from generous South Side peeps who were willing to sacrifice homemade cookies and other goodies to attract garage-salers on Saturday morning. Even a neighbor got word of what was going on and chipped in a big-ticket item (Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton)! This entire experience has been humbling, amazing and effective. We’re humbled at the way our family was served through this event. We’re amazed at the support of over 16 families who contributed to the garage sale weekend. And we’re completely blown away at the financial provision. God is continually strengthening our understanding of His role as Provider. Wow…simply...

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Stepping Out in Faith

Posted by on Aug 6, 2013

Stepping out in faith is a scary thing. Telling people about how we’re stepping out in faith is a scary thing too. It’s as if we have publicly revealed this secret that’s between only us and the Lord. It leaves us feeling vulnerable and at times anxious. The Lord is leading the way; we are following, but what if the journey looks differently than we expected? What if our expectations aren’t met? This recording process has been just that — a process. We (Kert and Kerry) have been encouraged for almost a decade to record an album. Each time we would consider it, the Lord very clearly would say no. At this point in our lives, we are incredibly grateful that He has made us wait. Had the Lord given us this opportunity earlier in life, we think our heads would be waaaaay to big to fit through a door. We could see pride welling up in our hearts and being a hindrance to the Gospel. Our voices and musicianship needed a lot of maturing too. Because God has wanted us to wait on His timing, we understand now more than ever that this recording opportunity has been provided by Him and only Him. He is the only one who has made this happen. There is no way we can take credit for everything that is happening in our lives right now. That’s a huge relief! Yet at the same time, we are surprised by the anxiety and the fear that comes and goes. A lot of “what ifs” have been popping up recently. As I (Kerry) was prayerfully battling against fear and anxiety the other morning, the Lord reminded me that “nothing is impossible with God.” That verse is from Luke 1. In Luke 1 several miraculous, only-God-things take place. An angel of the Lord speaks to Zechariah and promises him a child. A very special child that would be born from Zechariah’s barren wife Elizabeth. Then six months into Elizabeth’s pregnancy, an angel of the Lord pays a visit to her cousin Mary. In this encounter we hear the angel tell Mary that she, though a virgin, would give birth to the Savior of the World. Then the angel Gabriel says, “… For nothing is impossible with God.” God was making these ridiculously amazing things happen. This same God, by His very word, spoke all things into existence....

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