FAQ’s: “How many songs? Are they originals? What style?”

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013

As we’ve walked through the process, we’ve had several people ask us some GREAT questions! So we are taking the opportunity to answer a couple of questions each day or so to fill you in on all the fun we had! You can see the other questions: 1. How’d it go? 2. What did recording week look like? 3. What’s next in the recording process? Question 4: How many songs? Ooooooo…this was a tough one. The quick answer:  Seven songs The not-so-quick answer: This part of the process really took some serious prayer and questioning. Questions like, “How many songs does the Lord want us to communicate on the CD?” “Can we afford 12 well-produced songs?” “Will people listen to all 12 songs if they can purchase a song individually?” “Could we limit ourselves to only 5 songs if we released an EP?” As the prayers were laid before the Lord and we had some great conversations with trusted peeps, it slowly became clear that we needed to take the EP route (a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP). We decided to move forward with producing a quality CD that effectively communicated seven of our strongest songs. Question 5: Are the songs on the album “originals”? Answer: Yes Question 6: What musical “style” is your record? Answer: Bwahahaha. As we try to label our music, we feel as if it’s like trying to choose your favorite Blue Bell ice cream: nearly impossible. We should probably ask our producer how he would label our music. But until then, we’ll just share with you some peeps whose music we really enjoy right now and have influenced our style. (We’ll ask our producer later :)) Shane & Shane Needtobreathe City Harmonic Christy Nockels Jimmy Needham Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova Passion Worship Leaders Kert also has an affinity for the B3 organ, Rhodes organ and the Wurlitzer; so those sounds are present in several of the songs. We haven’t heard the final mixes yet. We anticipate getting to hear them in early October. Once we hear the finals, we’ll have a better idea for a stylistic “label.” We can tell you though, that what we’ve heard so far has us really, really, REEEEEALLY...

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FAQ’s: “What’s next in the recording process?”

Posted by on Sep 9, 2013

As we’ve walked through the process, we’ve had several people ask us some GREAT questions! So we are taking the opportunity to answer a couple of questions each day or so to fill you in on all the fun we had! You can see Questions 1 and 2 here. Question 3: Now that recording is done, what’s next in the process? MIXING: Our mix engineer Travis will meticulously work through each song and let his ears take control. He’ll listen for sounds that need to be brightened, vocals that need reverb or echo, guitars that need to be panned left or right, organ parts that need to be louder than other instruments and so much more. It was so much fun listening to some of the tweaks Travis was making even during the tracking process so we have great confidence in his expertise. As Travis tidies up a song, he’ll then email us a copy so we can evaluate the improvements. If we hear something that doesn’t seem to jive, we’ll email him back until we all sign off on the final mix down. MASTERING: After the seven songs are fully mixed, they will travel to a fresh pair of ears to be mastered. This process can include raising the overall level of the recording, evening out the song levels for a consistent volume throughout, making the songs sound great on any sound system, eliminate noise between tracks, create space between tracks, and more. DUPLICATION: One of the final pieces of the puzzle is the duplication process. We’ll send our master copy to a company who can create as many CDs as we need and place them in a fun case. We’re having fun thinking about what we want the album artwork to look like.  Oh goodness…the anticipation is KILLER! =u)...

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FAQs: “How’d the recording go?”

Posted by on Sep 3, 2013

Wow! What a ride! We haven’t put in that many hours in a long time! Thank you so much for praying for us and encouraging us during our recording week! For Kerry to be about 8 months pregnant and put in 12-15 hour days for a full week and feel energetic, we know that the Lord heard your prayers! So…We’ve had several people ask us some GREAT questions! We would love to take the opportunity to answer a couple of questions each day or so and fill you in on all the fun we had! Question 1:  Soooo…..How’d it go??? Answer: It was amazing. We aren’t even sure where to begin! The best way to summarize our journey through the week is to highlight our drive back to Abilene on Saturday afternoon. We found ourselves saying things like, “Wow, I can’t believe that really just happened” and “Can you believe all that God allowed us to experience in just 6 days?” Our Toyota truck was filled with verbal praises as we drove I-20 back home and recapped our week. Below are some of the things we jotted down: -The timing of the recording couldn’t have been more perfect. -We went into the recording week fully funded, which gave us even more confirmation that God was directing the process, and that He would continue to work the rest of the week. -The musicians that played on the record were humble and incredibly skilled. -We had the vocal strength even on the last day to provide strong lead & harmony parts for the songs. -We had a great producer & coach throughout the process, and we feel like we established a great friendship with him through the week. -We had a family who was incredibly hospitable while we were in the Dallas area and let us stay at their house while we were recording. Question 2: What did your schedule of “recording week” look like? Answer: It consisted of two main phases: recording the band then recording the main vocal parts. The band recorded Monday through Wednesday. Here’s how that went down: First, we would hand a printed songsheet to the drummer, bassist, electric guitarist and producer. They’d listen to a simple recording we had put together at the house to get a feel for the song; then the creative process would begin. Song structure, chord progressions and lyrics were all under the...

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