October is here!

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013

Can you believe it is October? The Texas heat is beginning to simmer down; the leaves from our gazillion pecan trees are beginning to fall (who wants to come rake our yard?!); we’re seeing pumpkins and wreaths appear on front porches–except ours. It’s all we can do these days to keep our little potted plant alive!  Nonetheless, we are still excited about the arrival of October. October hauls in a wheelbarrow full of excitement. To begin with, today means that our recording project is now on the front burner of our engineer’s desk and he will be working on mixing it. In less than two weeks, he’ll be sending it off to be mastered! Please pray for our engineer Travis as he works on our project. You can pray that the Lord help him to mix the record in a way that is beautiful and encouraging to the listener. You can also pray that the Lord give him great joy as he works on our record and uses our songs to lead him in worship as he works. Another item of excitement is the upcoming arrival of our baby boy Lynon (pronounced Lennon; not Lemon like our 4 year old tells everyone). We like lemons, but not that much. đŸ™‚ Anyway, Lynon is set to make his debut any day now! We’ve been busy making preparations for his entry into our princess, girly-filled world. Our girls are thrilled! Please pray for us as we patiently wait to meet our little guy! Please pray that Lynon would continue to be healthy and strong and the same for Kerry. We are amazed at how quickly time is flying by, but we are rejoicing that we are one step closer to meeting our son and also one step closer to seeing the Lord bring our record to completion. Praise the...

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