BIG news!

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013

  Can you tell we’re excited?!!!! After almost a decade of making music together and many years of waiting for the Lord’s direction, Friday November 22 will be a fun and memorable event for us! We’d love for you to join us in worshiping the Lord and rejoicing! A band that is dear to our hearts will open for us at 7:00 — South Side’s very own youth worship band. They are fantastic musicians who have incredible hearts for the Lord! We absolutely adore this group! You don’t want to miss them! And then we will get to share all the songs off of our record with you! Oh, also, we will have some fun things for sale in the back: CDs, DVDs and t-shirts. It was requested that we have shirts with Kert’s face on them. Uuuuunfortunately, we don’t have any shirts like that, but we hope you’ll like the ones that we will have! Lastly please invite your friends! If you’d like to hang an announcement in your break-room, office, dorm, wherever, please let us know and we can either email you a flier to print, or you can pick one up from us. Lots of exclamation points in this post! 🙂 We are incredibly grateful the Lord has given us this opportunity! We love y’all!...

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A baby, a CD and a Video

Posted by on Nov 5, 2013

As expected the month of October brought some exciting events! But it also brought some unexpected things too. Our songs were on schedule to be mixed the first week of October. Shortly after that, we did some filming for a “Behind the Scenes” DVD. Then just a few days after filming, on October 15, Kerry began her day with some contractions, and before we even knew what was happening, we were on our way to the hospital and having a baby! Lynon (pronounced like Lennon) was born just after noon on October 15. He was a whopping nine pounds! And he was handsome! Unfortunately we were only able to spend a few minutes with him and the nurses rushed him off to the NICU. He was born so quickly that his lungs weren’t able to clear out and he had some blood sugar issues as well. Thankfully his issues weren’t life-threatening, but definitely unexpected and landed him in the NICU for about five days. They were five long days of trying to explain to our little girls why we didn’t have Lynon at home and why they couldn’t go see him. And it was weird trying to live out our normal scheduled activities and then be at the NICU for each feeding that we could. We praise the Lord for precious family members who came into town to help us! It was a strange and unexpected experience, but we had peace through it all. We were and are thankful that we were eventually (and quickly) able to take him home. We never want to take that for granted. We also praise the Lord for allowing us to walk through that in order to have a tiny understanding of what others may experience. Now Lynon is in the mix of things at the Prater house. Everyone is adjusting well. The girls are obsessed with him and lavish him with toys, blankets, pacifiers and lots of love! We fully anticipate him being the most spoiled Prater kid ever! And guess what else! We have songs! Due to some unexpected events, the mixing and mastering were delayed. That was becoming discouraging, but it got done. Whew! And we are very pleased with the result! Now the music is with the duplicator and the duplicator says they think we can still get our CDs and DVDs copied in time for our scheduled release date...

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