An Opportunity

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014

A note from Kerry: If you haven’t met Kert, you may not know that he is possibly the most optimistic person on the planet. Really. He is. Sometimes unintentionally, aggravatingly positive. I think God created him with a natural bent towards a “cup half full,” but his faith in God takes it to an entirely higher level. He believes the Lord is good in all things. He trusts the Lord. Kert’s faith in the Lord is massive. Today, like many days, I am encouraged by his positive outlook. The Lord has allowed Kert to put his Texas A&M Construction Science degree to good work at our church, especially recently. He is in charge of a large building project at our church. So not only is he the worship pastor of SSBC; he is also the facilities dude. As many of you have experienced, things often go wrong or take longer or don’t go as planned when it comes to construction projects. Today has been a special day where he’s had to deal with some of those construction issues. When Kert arrived home for lunch today, I asked him, “Well, how’s your day going?” His response, “The Lord is giving me lots of opportunities to trust Him.” I chuckled. Most people would call those opportunities to trust the Lord “struggles” or “issues” or “problems” or “difficulties.” Not Kert Prater. These are opportunities of trust! After Kert left the house to return to work, I have been replaying that sentence in my mind. “The Lord is giving me lots of opportunities to trust Him today.” What opportunities do I have right now? I’ve got stress with various circumstances in my life right now, work-related stress and disobedient children. Am I using my “opportunities” to build trust in Him? How can I trust Him with the difficulties occurring in my life today? For Kert, he said he was needing to remind himself to be thankful and to “not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving” to pray to the Lord. What about you? What difficulties are in front of you right now? How about we flip those difficulties and turn them into opportunities? How about we choose to pray to the Lord and ask Him to take those problems and to use them as opportunities for us to see Him more clearly, to see Him...

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