It all began a year ago

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014

Exactly one year ago we were carefully placing stacks of CDs, t-shirts and DVDs on a black clothed table. Our hearts were excited and nervous and ready. We were releasing our music to the world for the first time. We had played in churches and various events for the past decade, but nothing would compare to this event. We were putting our artistic hearts out on display. That’s an incredibly vulnerable thing to do. We hoped people would appreciate our music. We hoped people would like our music, but most importantly we hoped people would be encouraged and love God more as a result of listening to our music. What would our CD Release Party look like? Well, it definitely didn’t go as planned. Just days before the event, Kerry began to struggle with laryngitis. The take-the-entire-voice kind of laryngitis. She had nothing to offer vocally just days before the concert. We also had a massive ice storm fly through town which caused us to reschedule our concert to a busy night of the next week, which brought the question, “Would anyone even come?” Well, people came. And we all sang. And most of us cried a little, and we all rejoiced a LOT. The people that came were our dear friends and our church family. Our beloved family! The joy that we got to share with one another was overwhelming. It is a shining moment in our lives of feeling thoroughly loved and totally supported by everyone around us. Joy. Gratefulness. We wish we could tell you all of the things the Lord has allowed us to experience as a result of this album. There are really too many things to share. Like the time the Lord powerfully ministered to a woman’s heart as she sat across the hospital room from her sick mom. Or the time a man heard the song “He Bled” right after the Lord had shown him who Jesus was and just affirmed the Lord’s call on his life to follow Him. Or the time we stood in front of incredible servants in a country far from home and experienced the unity of the Body as we sang together. We are thankful. Thank you for your amazing encouragement the past year! This time last year we were parents to a newborn baby, getting zero sleep, mailing hundreds of “thank you” cards and gifts to people for their financial support,...

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Join us and Lottie Moon

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014

Our goal in life is to bring glory to God and to make Him known. Not just with our music but with our lives. We have prayed multiple times, “Lord, where do you want us?” or “Lord, show us how you want us to spread your name.” He gave us music, and He called us to West Texas to share the Gospel and to encourage the Body of believers. He has also connected our hearts with people who are taking the Gospel to different parts of the world. Our little family prayerfully and financially supports multiple missionary families and missions organizations, and we take every opportunity we can to go and support them where they are. Recently we had the opportunity to get to know even more families serving the Lord in the mission field. We will never forget hearing these amazing servants singing with all they have “By faith we will live today!” with us! They are remarkable people living in incredible locations. They have given up everything for the sake of the Gospel. Some of them live in mountainous regions among villagers who have never had an outsider live among them and have certainly never heard of the One True God; some of them live in ginormous cities with difficult religious and cultural traditions to work through; some live in a city and travel hours to remote locations to build relationships and tell the natives about Jesus. Undergoing the immense physical, mental and spiritual challenges that they face on a daily basis makes them some of the hardest working people we know.  Most of them are not burdened, but challenged and trusting of the Lord. They are inspiring. Every year we have an opportunity to come together to shower them with love and support. Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. 100% of this offering goes straight to the missionaries. Over and over again, the missionaries that we have known in the past and currently have emphasized the gift that the Lottie Moon Christmas offering is to them. It is a huge blessing for them and their work! This year we, Kert and Kerry, will be giving 50% of all of our CD and download sales to Lottie Moon. Please join us! HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP You can support our international missionaries by donating through the IMB; or you can help by ordering one of our CDs or by downloading our album off of iTunes or Amazon. We...

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What’s the Story about Kevin?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014

This is Kevin. He’s been showing up on our Instagram lately. He has several loyal followers, and we are regularly asked, “How’s Kevin doing?” We have also been asked, “What’s the story behind Kevin?” To satisfy the curious, here is the story of Kevin and also a look into our unique family.   It all started when we were driving home from church. Some friends of ours drive home the same direction as we do. As I, Kerry, was transporting our family home, a glistening white Toyota Four Runner sped up behind me and then proceeded to pull in the lane beside our moving car. I looked over and recognized the smiling faces. Simultaneously, our three girls started squealing, “They have a giant minion in the back of their car!” I glanced over and sure enough, a ginormous minion was sitting in the back seat with the window rolled down and peering out the window. We laughed all the way home. Several hours later we had just finished dinner and Kert walked by our front door to head upstairs. He noticed a smiling yellow face looking through the window and an awkwardly crouched man hiding behind the yellow face. It was our friend Dustin. He was hoping to drop the Minion and run, but Kert looked out the window at the perfect time to catch him. Because Dustin was caught, we invited him and his wife Ashten in to visit and tell us about the minion. Dustin and Ashten had attended the West Texas Fair and he won the minion in one of the fair’s games. They didn’t know what they were going to do with a giant minion so they decided to bless our family with it. Ha! Our kids were thrilled to have a giant “buddy” join the family. See how happy they are! The girls immediately dressed him up! Well, after minion became part of our family, we decided he needed a name. We googled Despicable Me minion names and came across a website. Because we have a dear friend named Kevin that our children absolutely adore, they decided Kevin would be a good name for our new friend. Sorry, Kevin! This has turned into interesting and sometimes awkward or confusing situations. (We should have thought this name-thing through a little better!) For example when specifically church families ask, Them: “How’s Kevin?” Us: (awkward pause) “I think he’s...

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