Posted by on Jul 28, 2015

A poem called “Good.” You are good. You are really good. Even when my heart breaks or when someone selfishly takes, You are good. How can I say “You are good” when babies die and grown men cry? How can I say “You are good” when sickness comes and destroys a home? How can I say “You are good” when we all suffer and hurt, and we’ve felt alone and unheard? I say “You are good” because Your goodness is my only hope. I say “You are good” because only You can intervene and make a change. I say “You are good” because there’s no one else to fully trust. But is that it? No. You are good. You really are good. By a word You created everything. You made us and named us, the only creation that bears Your image. You are good because it’s in Your nature. You don’t lie. You are the Truth. You are just. You are perfectly holy. You know all things and see all things, and love me anyway. You proved it. You proved Your love by sacrificing Your Son for me, an amazing story of redemption. You proved Your love for me by cleaning my heart. Your Spirit was left with me, a gift proclaiming I am Yours. You are good. You see me when I cry. You hear me when I pray. You act on my behalf even when I don’t get my way. You are good because You are...

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Preparing to Experience (Part 3): A Method to the Madness

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015

As you learned in Part 2 of the Preparing to Experience series, we are a normal family with normal drama. Our kids have had spit up all over their clothing right when we’re leaving the house; our kids sit down and cry because they don’t like their shoes; our kids are real kids. We don’t live in a perfect, conflict-free and chaos-free home. Having a routine on Saturday night and then Sunday mornings has enabled us to minimize the conflict and chaos. As a result, we turn out to be pretty happy people showing up to church and ready to join our church family! And mostly on time! We recognize that all families are different. With so many different personalities and family dynamics, we know that our “method” is not a fix-all for every family. It’s what works for us. Our hope is that as we share our thoughts, you can take what you like and see if it works to help you and/or your family be more prepared for the Big Day of your church gathering. So, let’s get started. The goal isn’t about showing up on time. The goal is a prepared heart. Although punctuality is a nice benefit, the goal is three-fold: 1. To show up to our church gathering with hearts that are ready to serve and/or encourage our church family, 2. to show up ready to hear from the Lord 3. to show up ready to respond to and worship the Lord. As we have established our Saturday night and Sunday morning regimen, it has been helpful for me to understand my kids’ tendencies and to learn how to accommodate/work with those tendencies. It’s also helpful to know your own habits too! (Like misplacing car keys or Bibles or phones. :)) Let me introduce you to my kids once again and give you an idea of their tendencies: <–This is Taylor. She is an incredible helper. If there’s anything that I can delegate, she can usually handle it. She is also the one who never gets in a hurry and she tries to shove every marker, pencil, pen and notepad in her bag. This can sometimes slow down our progress. She is also known to try to change her mind about what she wants to wear on the morning of.     This is Rylee. –> She can be pretty quick to take care of her business and usually thinks...

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Preparing to Experience (Part 2): A Tale of Sunday Drama

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015

Since Kerry is on the home front on Sunday mornings and getting our four kids ready alone on Sunday mornings, she will be sharing Part two of our Preparing to Experience Corporate Worship, which has a little “Sunday Drama.” If you missed Part One, please check it out too! Preparing the family for corporate worship is a big deal. Sometimes it feels like all of Satan’s comrades are joining together to prevent your family from showing up to church with smiles on your faces–or even with your sanity. Since I have the privilege of leading worship several Sundays a month, we typically have a very specific routine that helps us get to church around 7:30 on Sunday mornings. One Sunday I was “off” from leading and I decided to intentionally experiment with what it might look like for the typical family on a Sunday morning who needs to get to church around 9:30. Let me first introduce you to our children: We have a 7 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old and an 18 month old. It should be pretty quick and easy to get everyone ready for church, right? After all, we had two extra hours in our morning before church. Here’s how that unusual Sunday morning went for us: I woke up. Then I went to wake up the kids. I discovered a little boy whose diaper leaked at some point in the early morning hours and then I found another child that had pee in her bed. So, two kids needed baths. If the rare occasion of a wet bed is going to occur, you can almost bet it will happen on a Sunday morning! It was a chilly morning so I had to dry their hair. And then style everyone’s hair. At the age of my kids, it’s seldom a pleasant experience. I have a 5 year old that is incredibly tender-headed and an almost 4-year-old who consistently hates everything about the way I try to fix her hair. Nonetheless, hair gets done and we proceed to pick out clothes. Two of the four outfits need to be ironed. As I finish ironing and I’m calling the kids to come to my room to grab their outfits, one of the kids injures herself on the untimely appearance of a protruding doorknob. She cries for three minutes straight. On this particular Sunday, the kids picked outfits that would look...

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