A Good Reminder: Let’s Pray!

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013

kert leadingThis past Sunday we had a wonderful time worshipping with our brothers and sisters at church. Sundays are usually pretty intense on us vocally. We get up to the church suuuuper early to start warming up our voices; we have an hour-and-a-half long practice and then we have a service or two to lead. That doesn’t even count all the fun visiting we get to do!

Usually we feel a little tiredness, but this Sunday was a little different. Kert had spent his Saturday doing yard work (yay for allergies!) and Saturday evening doing some intense singing. Then he had the typical Sunday morning vocal responsibilities.

When Sunday came and church was done, his voice was gone. He was whispering the rest of the evening. Our house is a completely different place when he doesn’t have a voice. He is constantly singing or talking or making crazy sounds!

The Lord used this to remind us that we need to be praying that our voices stay healthy and strong as we enter into the month of August.

Will you pray with us?

Please pray that our voices are healthy and that they endure the rigorous schedule that the month of August will bring with our regular responsibilities as well as an intense week of recording.

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