FAQ: Do you listen to your own music?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014

IMG_2965We have been asked multiple times, “Do you listen to your own music?” or it’s phrased like this “Is it weird listening to your own music?”

Part of us thinks we should scoff and nonchalantly say, “Oh noooo … We don’t listen to our own music.” That seems to be what many other recording artists say. We have also seen interviews of actors who say, “We never watch our own movies.” Maybe they don’t listen to or watch what they produce, but if we, Kert and Kerry, are to be truthful, you must know that we listen to our music all . the . time.

The Lord gave us these songs in moments of need, in moments of rejoicing and in moments of wanting to encourage others. These songs help us remember the truth of who God is. This music also reminds us of how the Lord unfathomably chose us to pen the songs and then miraculously provided every penny to record the songs with some of the best musicians in the Christian music industry. So … it is not uncommon to see us pulling up to a traffic light and hear He Bled jamming on our radio and see us gettin’ our groove on. That’s how we roll. 🙂


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