FAQs: “How’d the recording go?”

Posted by on Sep 3, 2013

IMG_2973Wow! What a ride! We haven’t put in that many hours in a long time! Thank you so much for praying for us and encouraging us during our recording week! For Kerry to be about 8 months pregnant and put in 12-15 hour days for a full week and feel energetic, we know that the Lord heard your prayers!

So…We’ve had several people ask us some GREAT questions! We would love to take the opportunity to answer a couple of questions each day or so and fill you in on all the fun we had!

Question 1:  Soooo…..How’d it go???

Answer: It was amazing. We aren’t even sure where to begin! The best way to summarize our journey through the week is to highlight our drive back to Abilene on Saturday afternoon. We found ourselves saying things like, “Wow, I can’t believe that really just happened” and “Can you believe all that God allowed us to experience in just 6 days?” Our Toyota truck was filled with verbal praises as we drove I-20 back home and recapped our week. Below are some of the things we jotted down:

-The timing of the recording couldn’t have been more perfect.

-We went into the recording week fully funded, which gave us even more confirmation that God was directing the process, and that He would continue to work the rest of the week.

-The musicians that played on the record were humble and incredibly skilled.

-We had the vocal strength even on the last day to provide strong lead & harmony parts for the songs.

-We had a great producer & coach throughout the process, and we feel like we established a great friendship with him through the week.

-We had a family who was incredibly hospitable while we were in the Dallas area and let us stay at their house while we were recording.

Question 2: What did your schedule of “recording week” look like?

Answer: It consisted of two main phases: recording the band then recording the main vocal parts. The band recorded Monday through Wednesday.

Here’s how that went down: First, we would hand a printed songsheet to the drummer, bassist, electric guitarist and producer. They’d listen to a simple recording we had put together at the house to get a feel for the song; then the creative process would begin. Song structure, chord progressions and lyrics were all under the microscope. IMG_3723It was so much fun to have others weighing in on songs we’ve sung several times with the hope that the final product would reach one pair of ears and attract the listener deeper into the song’s meaning. After mapping out the song in the control room (as seen in the picture), we would then step away from our pow-wow and begin recording parts in a single take. We would record a basic “scratch track” of our vocals for the guys to play along with. The songs would take more shape and form during the “jam session” and conclude with each member giving verbal confirmation of a good take. Sometimes this took several passes. On Wednesday the guys did “overdubs,” which means they went back and re-recorded some parts that they felt needed a little more attention.

Once the guys went back to their homes on Wednesday, we began recording our vocal lead and harmony parts for each song. Travis, our producer, auditioned several microphones for each of us and for each song in search of the one that complimented the style of the individual song and drew out the best parts of our voices. IMG_2968Some of our songs demanded power and volume while others needed finesse and delicacy.

Throughout the recording process, we got to hear Travis make tweaks to individual instruments and voices. The way he moved through the software proved his experience and professionalism. We heard all seven songs before we left in an “unedited” form and are so excited about where they’re headed.

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