Garage Sales Are Awesome

Posted by on Aug 11, 2013

yard sale

Here’s how it went down:

A friend, who is also a school teacher, approached us one Sunday after church and said, “I have one month left before I go back to school. What can we do?” Then he and his wife unfolded multiple ideas of how they could help us raise more money for the album. Kert and I were blown away! We couldn’t believe they were willing and so excited about helping us! Praise the Lord!

Kert replied by telling them, “Kerry and I will go home and talk about it and let you know.”

So we went home and decided that, if Scott and Emily had the time, a garage sale sounded best to us. We even had a bunch of stuff to contribute.

We shared our thoughts with them, and wow, they took it and ran with it!

Facebook started blowing up as they began seeking donations for the garage sale!

Then this weekend it happened.

We popped over to their house Friday morning to drop off some cinnamon rolls and tell them thanks.

When we arrived, look at what we discovered:

paxtonThis young man, hard at work!

As the sale came to a close Friday, Scott & Emily received even more donations from generous South Side peeps who were willing to sacrifice homemade cookies and other goodies to attract garage-salers on Saturday morning. Even a neighbor got word of what was going on and chipped in a big-ticket item (Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton)!

This entire experience has been humbling, amazing and effective. We’re humbled at the way our family was served through this event. We’re amazed at the support of over 16 families who contributed to the garage sale weekend. And we’re completely blown away at the financial provision.

God is continually strengthening our understanding of His role as Provider.

Wow…simply unbelievable.


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