Posted by on Jul 28, 2015

you are goodA poem called “Good.”

You are good.
You are really good.

Even when my heart breaks or when someone selfishly takes, You are good.

How can I say “You are good” when babies die and grown men cry?

How can I say “You are good” when sickness comes and destroys a home?

How can I say “You are good” when we all suffer and hurt, and we’ve felt alone and unheard?

I say “You are good” because Your goodness is my only hope.

I say “You are good” because only You can intervene and make a change.

I say “You are good” because there’s no one else to fully trust.

But is that it?


You are good.
You really are good.

By a word You created everything.

You made us and named us, the only creation that bears Your image.

You are good because it’s in Your nature.

You don’t lie.

You are the Truth.

You are just.

You are perfectly holy.

You know all things and see all things, and love me anyway.

You proved it.

You proved Your love by sacrificing Your Son for me, an amazing story of redemption.

You proved Your love for me by cleaning my heart.

Your Spirit was left with me, a gift proclaiming I am Yours.

You are good.

You see me when I cry.

You hear me when I pray.

You act on my behalf even when I don’t get my way.

You are good because You are God.

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