He Bled (with video)

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013

photo-14We had a nice, relaxing visit with Kerry’s family “out in the country” last week. We always look forward to getting out there and chillin’ on the front porch or in the swing under the big pecan tree.

Being out in the country grants you the freedom to do things a little differently than in the city. Like letting all of your kids run around in the front yard pretty much naked. You can also have target practice to brush up on the the ol’ shootin’ skills. And you can sing as LOUD as you want to and it doesn’t bother anyone, except maybe the dog napping at your feet.

This particular day was a humid one. Rain showers had come and gone and the scene was gorgeous. A perfect day for singing on the front porch. So here’s a snippet of our song “He Bled” that we did out there. And pardon the quality, Kerry is multitasking — filming with an iPhone and singing. That’s a first!

We hope you enjoy!

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