It’s a New Year

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014

Wow, it’s January 9, 2014.

Where has the time gone?

Did we forget we have a website or a CD? Nope. We’ve just been soaking up some quality family time lately. We are much better at keeping you posted on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to check there if you’ve missed us!


The picture to the left pretty much describes what we’ve been doing — snuggling with our kids and probably watching The Sound of Music. They can’t get enough of that movie! We have also gotten some projects done in our home — like building Kerry a bookshelf (no more stacks of books everywhere!), painting the rest of a wall that’s been sitting half-painted for faaaaar too long, replacing some broken light switches and other home repairs. You get the idea. It has been much-needed rest and recovery around our casa!

During our time off, we have had plenty of time to reflect on the past year.
WHAT … A …YEAR! We decided that 2013 will be one of those years that we will look back on and potentially say, “How did we do all that?”

2013 in quick review (all by God’s grace!):
The Lord opened up doors to record
Creating a website, Facebook page, videos, and Instagram
Recording when Kerry was eight months pregnant
Our oldest child starting kindergarten
Kerry having our son and all of us adjusting to being a household of six
“Releasing” our CD and all that goes along with that 🙂

It’s been a miraculous whirlwind of a year! The Lord has poured out so much grace on our family through it all. We stand at the beginning of this new year and say, “Thank you, Lord, for directing our steps last year. Let’s keep rollin’.”

We are curious to see what 2014 holds. We are curious to see what unique experiences the Lord brings about next.

We’ve had several people ask us “What’s next?” with our music. Other than leading worship at a retreat in February and a conference in June, we are along for the ride once again.

We do know that we desire to continue the daily reading of God’s Word. We know that we want to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are asking the Lord to provide songs for us to use to proclaim His truth. We are also praying that our music would lead everyone who hears it to the Lord. That He would give the listener peace, joy, assurance, and most importantly that He would give them a burning desire to read His Word in order to know Him more.

Oh and we’ll probably try to sell a CD to anyone who makes eye contact. Have you gotten one yet? Can we interest you in a t-shirt? 😉

We love you guys and we look forward to embarking on another year with you!

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  1. Love the update …. GREAT JOB, as always!!!

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