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Posted by on Jan 22, 2014

Since our CD has been released, it has been an on-going blessing. We have always heard musicians talk about how amazing it is when a listener tells them specific ways that the their music has impacted the listener. It’s one of those experiences that we never realized the feelings and the magnitude at which an artists feels those feelings as a result of a listener sharing.

boy singingAfter our CD was released back in November, we have received a steady flow of encouragement concerning how the Lord is using our music. We have gotten multiple videos of children belting out the song “I Remember.” It blesses us so very much to see these kiddos! Not because they are singing “our” song, but because they are singing Psalm 103!

Lord, may these kids never forget who You are and what You’ve done for them! May they proclaim this same truth as they grow older!

running legsShortly after Thanksgiving a woman sought us out to tell us how God used our music for her. It was the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving — complete with the interesting interactions with extended family. Some sort of conflict came up and this lady felt like she was going to explode. Instead of exploding, she decided to grab her running gear and go for a run. She stuck in her earbuds and pulled up our album  on her iTunes. She said as she was running, the Lord spoke to her heart. At one point, she began singing out loud as she ran; her singing then became yelling and proclaiming who God is. She said she probably looked like a crazy lady. She affirmed that God had called us to make the CD because of the way the Lord used the songs to speak to her. She ended by saying, “Kerry, when I returned home after my run, I was a different person than when I left.”

Oh God, will You continue to use these songs to speak to your people?

woman hands on faceRecently, Kert was approached by a married couple. The wife had lost her mom the night before. She spoke unbelievable words about how the Lord had comforted her the night her mom passed away. She said she was having a hard time recalling specific pieces of Scripture to comfort her, so she turned on our music and listened to it “on repeat” over and over. She spoke of the incredible comfort that she had received specifically from the songs “I Remember” and “In God.” She and her husband told us “Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and recording a CD.” They knew that our recording a CD wasn’t to make our name great, but that it was literally something we were doing in obedience to the Lord. They told us thank you for obeying because it was evident that the Lord had used it to bring them peace and strength.

Lord, may your Spirit comfort the hearts of your people. May Your truth bring them peace, strength and hope!

We have so many other amazing stories that would take waaaay too long to share. But we wanted you to rejoice with us as we watch the Lord use this music to bring Him glory and encourage His people.

Thank you for encouraging us in our obedience and thank you for encouraging us as we continue to share our music!

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  1. Loved reading about those who shared…..please share more of them, as time goes on. Ya’ll are wonderful VESSELS!!!!!!

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