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Posted by on Dec 10, 2013

At KGNZ 88.1FM

At KGNZ 88.1FM

Wow! What a day! We woke up at 5:00 this morning with great excitement to get the day started. Today we would venture into an arena that we had never been before and we wanted to feel prepared. We were venturing out onto the air waves. That’s right, the radio. CRAZY!

When we began the CD recording process, we were asked all the time, “So, what do you want to do with your record? Do you want it to make it big and get on the radio?”

We always navigated that conversation cautiously. We didn’t want to make anything happen. We just wanted to be obedient and follow where the Lord led us. If He led it to the radio, we would go there, but we weren’t going to spin our wheels trying to make things happen.

Well, a Christian radio station that covers our West Texas area had been encouraged by quite a few people to listen to our music. Those same people all strongly encouraged Kert to meet with the broadcaster Gary. Kert and Gary met up and had a pleasant meeting, and then he invited us over for an interview and to introduce a couple of our songs. We have been super excited!

We conducted a small poll on our facebook page to ask our friends what songs we should play on the radio. The overwhelming majority said “By Faith.”

We braved the icy streets and the 14 degree weather to get there for our 7:40 air time. Before we went on, Gary asked us what songs we would like to introduce on the radio. We said “Victory Has Come” per our producer’s recommendation and “By Faith” per our unofficial facebook poll. We had fun with the interview; then Gary played “Victory Has Come.” It was surreal to hear this broadcaster’s voice introducing one of our songs! We had another little moment of interviewing, and then he wanted to play another one of our songs. However, he didn’t play “By Faith.” Gary said he really enjoyed the groove to “He Bled” and per his personal request, he decided to play that one instead. We are great with that. Gary knows music and he knows what his listening audience will enjoy. So that’s how “Victory Has Come” and “He Bled” ended up being the first two songs introduced on the radio this morning.

Now the question is “How do Kert and Kerry songs continue playing on the radio?”

That’s a great question. A question that we didn’t think to ask while we were there!

So our guess is that if our songs get requested enough, they will make it into the regular rotation. Can you tell we are in the learning process concerning radio??? Yet another fun area that we get to experience and learn more about!

KGNZPlease call them and request our songs. We are thrilled about the idea of more people being encouraged by the songs the Lord has given to us! And if you want “By Faith” on the radio, request that one! 🙂


BIG thanks to the many of you who called Gary, made personal visits to Gary and also gave him our CD.
BIG thanks to the many of you who listened in this morning and prayed for us!
BIG thanks to KGNZ for the work they do in sharing the Gospel on the airwaves and also to Gary Hill for taking the time to visit with us and share our songs.

What a fun morning!




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