Stepping Out in Faith

Posted by on Aug 6, 2013

phil4-6-7Stepping out in faith is a scary thing. Telling people about how we’re stepping out in faith is a scary thing too. It’s as if we have publicly revealed this secret that’s between only us and the Lord. It leaves us feeling vulnerable and at times anxious. The Lord is leading the way; we are following, but what if the journey looks differently than we expected? What if our expectations aren’t met?

This recording process has been just that — a process. We (Kert and Kerry) have been encouraged for almost a decade to record an album. Each time we would consider it, the Lord very clearly would say no. At this point in our lives, we are incredibly grateful that He has made us wait. Had the Lord given us this opportunity earlier in life, we think our heads would be waaaaay to big to fit through a door. We could see pride welling up in our hearts and being a hindrance to the Gospel. Our voices and musicianship needed a lot of maturing too.

Because God has wanted us to wait on His timing, we understand now more than ever that this recording opportunity has been provided by Him and only Him. He is the only one who has made this happen. There is no way we can take credit for everything that is happening in our lives right now.

That’s a huge relief!

Yet at the same time, we are surprised by the anxiety and the fear that comes and goes. A lot of “what ifs” have been popping up recently.

As I (Kerry) was prayerfully battling against fear and anxiety the other morning, the Lord reminded me that “nothing is impossible with God.” That verse is from Luke 1. In Luke 1 several miraculous, only-God-things take place. An angel of the Lord speaks to Zechariah and promises him a child. A very special child that would be born from Zechariah’s barren wife Elizabeth. Then six months into Elizabeth’s pregnancy, an angel of the Lord pays a visit to her cousin Mary. In this encounter we hear the angel tell Mary that she, though a virgin, would give birth to the Savior of the World. Then the angel Gabriel says, “… For nothing is impossible with God.” God was making these ridiculously amazing things happen. This same God, by His very word, spoke all things into existence. He has done countless wonders throughout the history of the world, and He has performed crazy miracles in our own lives. Truly, nothing is impossible with Him. He has shown that to be true time and again.

luke 1

We have to keep reminding ourselves of that!

It has been incredible to experience this step of faith and to see how the Lord uses His Word and also the songs that He has given to us to press us into Him. It affirms that He has written these songs through us and that He uses them to spur the hearts of His people (including ourselves!).

Today He has strengthened me with our song “In God.”
Part of it says:

“Doubt and fear coming too close and near,
tripping up my steps of faith
Satan prowls like a roaring lion
seeking someone to devour
I will put my trust in God!

There is rest for the weary
There is peace for the worried
There is hope for tomorrow
There is joy in the sorrow …”

What a blessing that the Lord would use a song that Kert and I penned to minister to my own heart. He does this quite often actually. That’s how many of our songs even came into existence! Being reminded of all of that brings such joy and affirmation that the Lord will use this album for His glory and for the building up of His people.


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