What’s the Story about Kevin?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014

Meet KevinThis is Kevin.

He’s been showing up on our Instagram lately. He has several loyal followers, and we are regularly asked, “How’s Kevin doing?”

We have also been asked, “What’s the story behind Kevin?”

To satisfy the curious, here is the story of Kevin and also a look into our unique family.


It all started when we were driving home from church. Some friends of ours drive home the same direction as we do. As I, Kerry, was transporting our family home, a glistening white Toyota Four Runner sped up behind me and then proceeded to pull in the lane beside our moving car. I looked over and recognized the smiling faces. Simultaneously, our three girls started squealing, “They have a giant minion in the back of their car!” I glanced over and sure enough, a ginormous minion was sitting in the back seat with the window rolled down and peering out the window. We laughed all the way home.

Several hours later we had just finished dinner and Kert walked by our front door to head upstairs. He noticed a smiling yellow face looking through the window and an awkwardly crouched man hiding behind the yellow face. It was our friend Dustin. He was hoping to drop the Minion and run, but Kert looked out the window at the perfect time to catch him. Because Dustin was caught, we invited him and his wife Ashten in to visit and tell us about the minion.

Dustin and Ashten had attended the West Texas Fair and he won the minion in one of the fair’s games. They didn’t know what they were going to do with a giant minion so they decided to bless our family with it. Ha!

Our kids were thrilled to have a giant “buddy” join the family.


See how happy they are! The girls immediately dressed him up!

Well, after minion became part of our family, we decided he needed a name.

We googled Despicable Me minion names and came across a website. Because we have a dear friend named Kevin that our children absolutely adore, they decided Kevin would be a good name for our new friend. Sorry, Kevin!

This has turned into interesting and sometimes awkward or confusing situations. (We should have thought this name-thing through a little better!) For example when specifically church families ask,

Them: “How’s Kevin?”
Us: (awkward pause) “I think he’s doing well. He’s right over there.” (pointing to our human friend Kevin). “Oh, you mean our minion! He’s great! He’s lovin’ life.”

Them: “Did Kevin explode?”
Our friend Kevin was actually standing not too far when someone asked this and he decided to respond to that question. Ha!

Them: “Is Kevin going on your getaway with you and Kert?”
Us: (trying not to appear too confused)”Umm, no, Kevin is not going with us on our trip…Oooooh, you mean the minion!”

You can see our dilemma. 🙂

Anyway, to make Ashten and Dustin smile, our family decided to take a picture of Kevin doing something every day, and then we would text it to them.  We sent them a picture every day for about a month! Our entire family got into it and had a blast creating scenes and outfits for the pictures.

Word spread through our friends and family that we were taking pictures of Kevin the minion every day. More and more people wanted to know what Kevin was up to. We had no idea Kevin would become such a popular guy…er…minion.

So now, he has his own hashtag (#kevintheminion) and we’ve been sharing some of the pictures.

Soon we will put together the ultimate picstitch of Kevin pictures. 🙂

Now you know the Kevin the Minion story, and now you know how we, at the Prater house, have been entertaining ourselves for the past month!



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